Your views needed on road safety in Bradley

In the consultation for Bradley Neighbourhood Plan, Bradley residents told the Parish Council that pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle road safety in and around Bradley was of paramount importance. You told us you were particularly concerned about the Ings Lane / A629 junction for both pedestrians and vehicles, the lack of footpaths on the Skipton Road over the Heath, and your wish for more 20 mph speed limits in the village centre.
We have been in discussions with Highways at NYCC and have been told that road/ signage improvements are provided based on budget availability and evidence of serious accidents and casualties. Fortunately, there have been very few in and around Bradley to date.
We have now asked for a meeting on in Bradley with the Head of Highways and would like to provide him with specific examples of concerns, incidents that have not been reported or near-misses to indicate the risk that a serious accident could occur at B any time.
If you have a road safety concern or had a near miss within or around the village, please B forward brief details to: or indicating if you wish your name to be included or not.
If you would like to attend the meeting and or roadside site visit with NYCC Highways, please send your name and contact details to
Cllr Veronicka Dancer
on behalf of Bradley Parish Council

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