High Bradley Circular Walk (4.3km)

Distance: 4.3km
Elevation Gain: 144m / Medium Gradient
Surface: Fields, track and road

This 4.3km walk begins at the Village Hall with a steady climb up to enjoy the views from High Bradley. Return with a good downhill stretch through the fields and back into the village.

  1. The walk begins at the Village Hall.  Exit the car park onto the road and head briefly left up the hill.

2. Turn almost immediately left onto College Road and continue straight until you reach narrow gap between a wall and fence.

3. Pass through here and into the field.  Walk to the small gate at the end.

4. Through the gate, head diagonally right up the field to the tree line above the houses at Ghyll Farm where you will find a gate. 

5. Pass through the gate, down the steps and turn right through another gate.  Head straight up this field until you reach a stile in the wall on your left next to a gate.

6. Climb the stile, then head almost straight across this field to the tree line opposite.  You may have to walk up the hill slightly until you see a path running down into the trees where North Gill runs below.

7. Pass over the gill and through the stile in the wall.  Walk straight up a small incline and pass over a wooden stile.  Continue straight up this field, heading to the top left corner.

8. Here youbll find a stile.  Climb over this and head diagonally right across the field to a gate in the top corner.

9. Through the gate, follow the track down and then up the field as it winds left and right up to the top left corner, just in front of White House Cottage.  Pass through the gate and follow the track.

10. Continue along the track until this starts to head downhill and bends left and then right near a group of houses.

11. Here you will find 2 gates to your right.  Pass through the right hand gate and head down the grass track.

12. You will eventually come to a stile and gate on your left, with a stile directly opposite on your right.   Take the stile to your left.

13. Over the stile, head immediately left toward the gatway.

14. Once through the gate, turn right to walk diagonally down the middle of the field where you will come to a wooden stile in the wall.

15. Over the stile, continue to head straight down the field where you will eventually reach the road.

16. Head over the stile, across the road and turn left along the pavement.

17. Continue down the road, past the Village Shop and back up the hill where you will return to the Village Hall on your left. 

Bradley & Polish Airmen Memorial Ramble (3km)

Distance: 3.1km
Elevation Gain: 100m / Medium Gradient
Surface: Fields and Track

This 3km ramble begins at the canal-side car park with a gentle stroll along the towpath to the Polish Airmen Memorial at Hamblethorpe Bridge. A steady 100 metres of climb weaves you up through the fields above Bradley where you can take in views of the village and beyond. Enjoy the final descent as you amble through the fields leading you back into the village and return to the start.

  1. Begin the walk at the car park next to the canal in Bradley and head over the bridge. 

2. Turn left on the Canal path towards Kildwick.

3. Continue until you reach the Polish Airmen Memorial then turn left onto Hamblethorpe bridge.

4. Pass over the stile or through the gate. Follow the track straight up and through a gate in the first field.

5. The path will then weave to the left then back to the right up to the gate and stile at the top.

6. Turn right over the stile and head along the road.

7. Just before the bend, look for a footpath sign and narrow gap in the wall to the left. Pass through the stile and head diagonally left up the first field to the gate and stile.

8. After passing through this, travel diagonally up, heading to the right of the dry stone wall that cuts across the field.

9. Continue along the track as it winds left and right.

10. Head over the stile in the wall.

11. Walk straight across the next 2 fields, following the line of the wall on your left and crossing 2 stiles.

12. Now head diagonally right up the field to a stile in the top corner.

13. Head left along the road.

14. Just before the reaching a road to the right, look out for a stile on your left. Pass over this and into the field.

15. Head straight down the middle of the 4 fields through the gateways and continue down to the bottom gate / stile.

16. Pass between the houses down to the road.

17. Turn left briefly, and then right to walk down the road past the Village Hall which will be seen on your right.

18. Continue down the road and take the next left turn where you will see the Village Shop on the corner.

19. Follow the road until you reach the car park where the walk began.