Public Rights of Way Consultation

NYCC areB consulting on a proposal to change the way theyB prioritise management and maintenance of public rights of way within North Yorkshire, excluding those managed on our behalf by The North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales National Parks.
Public rights of way are footpaths, bridleways and other routes that everyone can use without needing permission from landowners.
“At over 6,000 km, our public rights of way network is one of the longest in the country. One of ourB key objectives is to make sure this important asset is safe and usable for both residents and visitors.
In an average year, customers will report 3,000 defects, such as a brokenB stile or a fallen tree. Maintenance of the network is arranged by a small team of officers with support from landowners, contractors and a dedicated group of countryside volunteers.
We haveB had to reduceB our spending by around 35 per centB over recent years and this has affected all council services, including public rights of way. As a consequence we are now looking at ways to continue managing the public rights of way network with less money.
The purpose of this consultation is to ask people for their views on a new approach to categorising the public rights of way network. Doing so will allow us to focus routine maintenance in areas where paths are agreed as being more important or better used. The category of a route will also help us to plan how we respond to defects that we find or are reported to us.”
To have your say on the public rights of way consultation click on this link. Deadline 19th March 2017

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