Parish Greening

The Government have set a target of 11 million extra trees to be planted in the United Kingdom.
This recognises the considerable deficiency in the tree numbers across the land compared to other countries in Europe but more particularly the contribution to the management of global warming and greenhouse gases trees make. Further, in these times of unpredictable weather, trees make a positive impact on the permeability of the soil helping to mop up excess water.
Yorkshire has fewer trees than almost any county in the country, by a big margin. This has been recognised by the work such bodies as the Woodland Trust and Yorkshirebs National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Authorities who have been focusing on replenishing tree numbers across the County for some years.
The Parish Council wish to gather views from you about any approach or position our Parish could take to make a positive contribution to the greening of our environment.That could mean the planting of trees or shrubs in-locations anywhere in the parish including grass verges or small green spaces in the conservation area, the newer development or on the hillside or valley.
Tell us what you think and give us your views via the usual channels.
If you would like to comment please contact the Clerk on

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