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Payment SchedulesB
Payment schedules for each month can be found in the Minutes of the Council meeting for that month. See the Minutes page.
B General Data ProtectionB Privacy Notice
Guidelines for recording at Council and Parish meetings

Accessibility statement


ANNUAL RETURN 2019/2020 and related documents

ANNUAL RETURN 2018/2019 and related documents
Schedule of Payments over B#100 2018-2019
B certificate of exemption 2018-19
Annual internal audit report 2018-19
Section 1 Goverance Statement 2018-19
B Section 2 Accounting statement 2018-19
Public Rights Notice 2018-19
summary of your rights page 1
summary of your rights page 2
Annual Return 2017/2018 and related documents.
Schedule of Payments over B#100 2017-18
Asset Register
Certificate of exemption 2017-18
Notice of Public Rights
Annual Internal Audit 2017-18
Annual Governance Statement 2017-18
Accounting Statement 2017-18
Bank Reconcilation 2017-18
Explanation of Variances 2017-18
Explanation of Variances page 2 2017-18
Receipts & Expenditure 2017-18

Annual Return 2016/2017 and related documents.
Schedule of Payments over B#100 2016-17
Asset Register 2017
notice of completion of audit 2016-17B
Audited Accounts Section 1 2016-2017
Audited Accounts Section 2 2016-17
Audited Accounts Section 3 2016-2017
Notice of public rights 2017
Annual Governance Statement 2016-17
Accounting Statement 2016-17
Annual Internal Audit Report 2016-17
Banki Reconciliation 2016-17
Explanation of Variances
Annual Return 2015/2016 and related documents
Inspection Notice 6th June – 15th July 2016
Notice of conclusion of audit
Audited Annual Return 2015/2016
Annual Governance Statement 2015-16
Accounting Statement 2015-16
Annual Internal Audit Report 2015-16