2 thoughts on “Picnic in the park Friday 3rd June

  1. No mention that there would be loud music playing and audible well away from the field. Its been going on all day and I can still hear it at 10.30pm. I came to Bradley for a quiet life, not noise pollution. Have some consideration for others and assess how far the noise carries

    1. Dear Mr Andrews,
      Thank you for the comment you left on the Bradley Village website about the noise on Friday.
      The Picnic in the Park was a great success and finished at 4.30pm in the afternoon, perhaps the music you could hear was from The Slaters Arms which held their own Jubilee celebration in the evening and would have still been going at 10.30pm.
      The Show group works hard to bring the Bradley Show to the village in September and the Picnic in the Park was a one off event to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.
      If the sound of the music in the afternoon disturbed you we apologize but perhaps you should also contact the The Slaters Arms to let them know that music noise is not acceptable til 10.30pm.

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