Housing Engagement Summary

The feedback from the Bradley engagement meeting which was held in the summer by Craven Council has now been compiled.

Here is the summary...

  • Sites with the easiest access to the A629, specifically those which do not require access through the village to the main road.
  • Site BR006 is the site most preferred but is also subject to the most objections. Comments include development incorporating footpath provision and open space, the need for highway improvements.
  • Other sites where there is a level of preference include BR012, BR001 and BR002. These sites are seen as being less disruptive visually.
  • The Comments in support of BR012, include this being the best site for affordable housing, the site offering several access options whilst being close to amenities, traffic not having to go through centre of the village.
  • Sites BR003, BR008, BR011 and BR004 are identified as some of the least preferred sites due to access problems and the village already being congested.
  • Preferred sites for housing: BR006, BR012, BR001, BR002

The Craven District Local Plan comittee has compiled the feedback from the local engagement events. In reference to Bradley the following points are noted.

You can read the full summer engagement outcomes here.

Bradley Housing Engagement Plan

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