Village Hall car park to be repaired

The Parish Council has been successful in obtaining a £1,000 grant towards urgent repairs to Bradley Village Hall car park from Councillor Patrick Mulligan’s Locality Budget. This provides funds for parish groups or projects that will benefit the whole community.

As you may know the surface of the car park (to the rear and left of the hall) is very dark at night and the surface uneven making it unpopular with hall users. Substantial repairs are now required to provide a safe car park that can be accessed by all hall users.

At present the car park surface has many deep pot holes and bushes along the rear boundary wall that are damaging the surface and foundations of the car park and reducing the available parking space.

The funds will be used to pay for the removal of bushes, roots and other vegetation, filling of root holes and potholes and redressing the surface with stone chippings.

Low level external lighting along the car park wall behind the hall and the provision of at designated disabled parking space is also being considered.

These repairs will provide a larger, safer, accessible car parking area for all hall users, reduce the need to park to on the public highway and ensure the Village Hall is able to continue to attract bookings for large events.

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