Airedale Hospital- National audit for Dementia

Airedale hospital is participating in a large scale piece of research, to explore how carers of people living with dementia experience the available services. The ‘National Audit of Dementia’ is working with hospitals providing inpatient services to highlight things that are done well and areas that need improvement so welcome any feedback about the care and support provided.

If you are a carer looking after a person with dementia, and if your loved one has stayed in the hospital in June, July or August 2016, you are invited to complete an online questionnaire. The questionnaire is completely anonymous and will form a final report for the hospital in order for them to make improvements to services where required. The final report will be available in 2017.

The questionnaire can be completed at by 17th October 2016. There is also an option to be entered into a prize draw. If you’d like to know more about the National Audit of Dementia please click here.

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