Neighbourhood Plan available to view

The Bradleys Both Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan and supporting documents are now available to view online at  The consultation period runs from 26th March 2016 to 5pm on the 7th May 2016.  Printed copies can also be viewed at:
* The Village Hall on Saturdays and Wednesdays between 2pm and 5pm.
* The Methodist Chapel, St Mary's Church, the Village Store and The Slaters Arms during normal opening hours.
* Printed copies can be provided on request.

Please submit written comments using the online comment form or print and return the representation form either:
* By post to The Village Store, 5-6 Rose Terrace, Bradley BD20 9DP (marking your envelope NDP), or
* By hand to the ballot box in the Village Store.  
* You can also email your comments to

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