Local Green Space Consultation

Help identify important areas of green space in Craven which need protecting.

Craven District Council is currently inviting applications to be submitted suggesting land to be designated as Local Green Space Designations in the emerging Local Plan for Craven over a 6 week period from Wed 21st Oct to Wed 2nd December. Town and Parish Council’s throughout the plan area are being asked to coordinate applications from interested individuals and/or groups. Applications can also be submitted by groups and individuals directly to the Planning Policy Team at Craven District Council.

This is a new area of local planning, offering communities the opportunity to identify areas of green space which are of value to them because of the wildlife they are home to, their beauty, their cultural or heritage significance, the tranquillity they provide or their recreational value. If designated in the Local Plan Local Green Space Designations would be protected from inappropriate development.

Applications will be assessed against criteria set out in the Council’s methodology document for assessing sites, which can be viewed here, together with an online application form.

Following the assessment of applications submitted to the Council suitable sites will be proposed as Local Green Space designations in the next draft of the Craven Local Plan or carried forward as land designations in emerging Neighbourhood Plans. Public consultation on subsequent drafts of these land use plans will provide an opportunity for interested parties to comment.

If you have any queries relating to the designation of Local Green Space, please contact the Council’s Planning Policy Team. Email localplan@cravendc.gov.uk or telephone 01756 706472.

Full article at the Craven District Council

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