NYCC Flood Report

North Yorkshire CC have prepared a draft report into the flooding that occurred in Bradley and South Craven after the heavy rainfall on 26 December 2015. The report looks at the events leading up to the storm, how the ground and water courses coped with the run-off of water and the damage caused.

The report is in 2 parts, with a searchable index for the first part only. The pages of particular interest to Bradley are:

Part 1
Pages 1,2 Executive summary
12,13 and 41 to 49 Low Bradley

Part 2
Page 35 Responsibilities of relevant authorities and agencies
Page 45 Conclusions and recommendations.

Flooding Report Part 1
Flooding Report Part 2

Lamplighter Duties

The following is an extract from the Bradley Parish Council minutes, early 20th century:

“ Lamplighter Duties:
All lamps to be lighted every night.
No moon period allowed.
Lamps to be lighted weekdays and Sundays from dusk to 10pm.
Saturdays until 11pm.
Lamps to be cleaned once a month.
New mantles can be had from the Clerk. “

The lamps were supplied with gas from Kildwick.

North Yorkshire Police Property Fund

North Yorkshire Police is calling on local community and voluntary groups to apply for funding for initiatives which benefit the region and its residents, particularly those which could have a positive impact on reducing crime and disorder.

Monies from the North Yorkshire Police Property Fund are generated from the auction of property which has either been seized or confiscated as part of criminal investigations and which, despite its best efforts, the Force has been unable to return to its rightful owners.

Previous successful project applications include conservation experiences for young people, the provision of multi-cultural pre-school learning resources and riding experiences for the disabled.

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