War Memorial Project

The Centenary of The First World War has created a lot of interest particularly for those related to someone who died or served in the Armed Forces and ancillary services during the conflict. Local Family History groups are carrying out projects to record the names of not just to those who died but also all those who served in all wars.

The Wharfedale group would be very interested if anyone has a list of the 85 people from Bradley who served in World War 2 as mentioned on the plaque in the village hall entrance.

If you have any information or stories you would like to pass on to the group please forward them to our Parish Clerk on clerk@parishcouncil.bradleyvillage.org or to Stanley Merridews at president@wharfedalefhg.co.uk. If you would like to be involved in this project please contact us at this email address or go to their website: www.wharfedalefhg.co.uk.

Click hereto read the full document from Bradley Parish Council regarding the War Memorial Project.


Recognition of outstanding contributions to Bradley Village

This year two benches were unveiled on our playing fields in memory of two people and contribution to our village - Mike Tomkins who was Clerk to Bradley's Both Parish Council for 40 years and Neil Pate, who was an active member of the Family Day Committee.

The Parish Council wish to place another bench in the playing fields in 2017 to recognise an outstanding contribution to the village and would welcome nominations from parishioners. If you know someone who you think should be recognised for their volunteer work, perhaps working with young people or the elderly or someone who has made a difference to the lives of others in Bradley - then please let us know.

Please forward the name of the person you wish to nominate, with your reasons for nominating them and your own name and contact details to the Bradley Parish Clerk on clerk@parishcouncil.bradleyvillage.org, or leave these at the Village Shop.

Village Hall car park to be repaired

The Parish Council has been successful in obtaining a £1,000 grant towards urgent repairs to Bradley Village Hall car park from Councillor Patrick Mulligan’s Locality Budget. This provides funds for parish groups or projects that will benefit the whole community.

As you may know the surface of the car park (to the rear and left of the hall) is very dark at night and the surface uneven making it unpopular with hall users. Substantial repairs are now required to provide a safe car park that can be accessed by all hall users.

At present the car park surface has many deep pot holes and bushes along the rear boundary wall that are damaging the surface and foundations of the car park and reducing the available parking space.

The funds will be used to pay for the removal of bushes, roots and other vegetation, filling of root holes and potholes and redressing the surface with stone chippings.

Low level external lighting along the car park wall behind the hall and the provision of at designated disabled parking space is also being considered.

These repairs will provide a larger, safer, accessible car parking area for all hall users, reduce the need to park to on the public highway and ensure the Village Hall is able to continue to attract bookings for large events.

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